Continuous Casting Billet Defects

Continuous Casting Billet Defects

Continuous casting machines are equipment used in the steel industry to produce high-quality steel billets. These continuous casting billet defects are critical to ensure the production of defect-free billets. In this article, we will explore together.

What is Billet Casting?

what is billet casting

What is billet casting? At present, in addition to the production of special steel and large-scale steel castings, a small amount of casting

Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers in India

Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers in India

Looking for Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers In India? Hani Metallurgy is a Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturer, Supplier in China. Hani Metallurgy not only has a ready installed in the domestic market but is also exported to India, Iran, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other countries and regions.

Casting Machine Manufacturer In China

Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturer

Casting machine manufacturer what kind of products can you provide to demanders? Continuous casting machine, billet casting machine and other types.

What is a continuous casting machine?

what is continuous casting machine

What is a continuous casting machine? It is composed of continuous casting of liquid molten steel into a continuous casting billet, and then cut into the required length by a cutting system, which is customarily called a continuous casting machine.

Continuous Caster – Three Electric Control Systems

Continuous Caster

Characteristics of Three Electric Control Systems of Continuous Caster: Basic automation system; Electric drive and instrument system; Power purification device and anti-interference system; Fault Countermeasures of operation station and PLC Treatment Countermeasures.