Submerged Arc Furnace Price

submerged arc furnace price

The submerged arc furnace price varies with the specification of the submerged arc furnace. In this design, the semi-enclosed fixed submerged arc furnace with the low hood is selected.

1. Main Equipment of Submerged Arc Furnace Price:

1.1 Furnace Body

The furnace body is composed of a furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace bottom support, etc. The furnace shell is a cylinder welded by a 14~18mm thick steel plate, with reinforcing ribs welded outside to ensure that the furnace body has sufficient strength. The furnace bottom is made of 18~20mm thick steel plate, the furnace body is supported by 25~30 # I-steel, the furnace bottom is cooled by natural ventilation, the furnace shell is provided with 1~2 discharge ports, the furnace lining is made of high alumina refractory bricks and self baking carbon bricks, the furnace wall is 460~690mm thick, and 20 mm thick aluminum silicate fiber plate is applied externally. The thickness of the furnace bottom carbon brick is 800 ~ 1200 ㎜. The furnace mouth is made of silicon carbide corundum bricks, and the flow chute is of a water-cooled structure. Water-cooled furnace doors can also be added as required. The submerged arc furnace price is different based on the number of the furnace door.

1.2 Low Smoke Hood

A full water-cooled structure or composite structure of the water-cooled skeleton and heat-resistant concrete shall be adopted. Its height can meet the needs of equipment maintenance. The full water-cooled structure adopts a water-cooled framework, water-cooled cover plate, water-cooled wall, and water-cooled enclosure. The water-cooled framework is made of 16~20 # channel steel, the inner cover plate around the three-phase electrode is made of non-magnetic stainless steel plate, and the outer cover plate and coaming are made of Q-235 steel plate, with pole center circle adjustment device, three-phase electrode water-cooled protective sleeve, and insulation sealing device. The water-cooled framework and heat-resistant concrete composite structure adopt the side wall of the smoke hood, which is supported by the metal component column and cooled by water. The side wall is built with refractory bricks. There are three operation doors on the side wall. On the large surface of the furnace, the opening direction is horizontal rotation. There are two smoke vents on the upper part. Two vertical cooling elbow flue pipes are connected with it, which directly leads to the chimney or dust removal device.

1.3 Short Network of Submerged Arc Furnace Price

The short network includes a water-cooled compensator, water-cooled copper pipe, water-cooled cable, conductive copper pipe, copper tile, and its hanging, fixing, and connecting devices at the transformer end. The layout can be divided into regular triangles or inverted triangles. Regardless of the layout, it is required to shorten the short network distance as much as possible to reduce the short network impedance on the premise of meeting the operating space, so as to ensure the maximum active power.

The water-cooled copper pipe and conductive copper pipe adopt thick wall copper pipe, and each phase adopts the same direction reverse parallel connection, so that the short network round-trip current is arranged in a two-wire system, and mutual inductance compensation magnetic induction is offset. The middle copper tube is connected by a water-cooled cable. The cooling water flows directly from the water-cooled copper tube to the copper tile through the water-cooled cable and conductive copper tube. After the copper tile is cooled, it flows out of the furnace through the returned conductive copper tube, water-cooled cable, and water-cooled copper tube. The operating temperature is low, which reduces the heat loss generated when the short network conducts electricity, and can effectively improve the active power of the short network. At the same time, the copper tube is light, easy to process and install, and greatly reduces the investment in the short network to make an economic submerged arc furnace price.

1.4 Electrode System of Submerged Arc Furnace Price

The electrode system consists of a holder cylinder, a copper tile hanger, a pressure ring, a water-cooled jacket, an electrode lifting device, an electrode pressure relief device, etc. In the electrode system, we have adopted the internationally advanced Demark, South Africa PYROMET, and other technologies. For example, the electrode lifting device with a hanging oil cylinder can flexibly, reliably, and accurately adjust the up and down positions of the electrode. The upper and lower holding brakes and the press-release cylinder form an automatic press-release device with charged electrodes.

There are three sets of electrode systems, each including one electrode cylinder, one holding cylinder, one protective sleeve, one pressure ring, and 6-8 copper pads. The role of the holder is to hold the self-baking electrode, and the protective sleeve, pressure ring, and copper bushing are hung and fixed on it in order. Each electrode is equipped with 6~8 copper bushings, which are formed by the oil cylinder and jacking device on the pressure ring to form a pair of copper bushings. The pressure is uniform, which can ensure that the gripping force of the copper bushing to the electrode is balanced, and the contact conductivity between the copper bushing and the electrode is good.

The upper part of the holder is connected with two lifting oil cylinders by the bench. The support of the oil cylinder is fixed on the steel platform of the three-layer platform. The polar circle can be adjusted within a certain range of the steel platform as required.

Each electrode is equipped with a separate electrode automatic pressing and releasing device. The electrode is held by an airbag holding brake (or hydraulic holding brake), the electrode is held by an airbag, and the electrode is released by an airbag; The upper and lower airbag holding brakes are connected by the guide column and the pressure release oil cylinder, and the lower airbag holding brake is connected with the holding cylinder. During smelting, the lower airbag always holds the electrode, and only during the pressure release, the upper airbag cooperates with the lower airbag to release the clamping electrode alternately to complete the pressure release action.

1.5 Cooling Water System of Submerged Arc Furnace Price

The cooling water cooling system is a device for cooling components (including short net, pressure ring, protective jacket, furnace shell, smoke hood, and chimney) working under high-temperature conditions. It is composed of a water separator, water collecting tank, pressure gauge, valve, pipe, rubber pipe, joint, etc.

The water circuit of the pressure ring of the short network (including water-cooled copper pipe, water-cooled cable, and copper tile) is specially equipped with a drainage device for quick drainage during maintenance and emergency repair.

Cooling water requirements for water cooling short network, pressure ring, and protective sleeve: soft water, inlet water temperature ≤ 30 ℃, outlet water temperature ≤ 50 ℃.

2. Main Electrical Equipment of Submerged Arc Furnace Price

2.1 Transformer of Submerged Arc Furnace

Low loss and energy saving shell type submerged arc heat transformer is adopted, with on-load electric voltage regulation, strong circulation, oil-water cooler, impedance voltage of 4~6%, primary side voltage of 35~110KV, secondary side voltage of 5~27 levels (different transformers with different capacities and different smelting varieties use different secondary voltage levels, so the submerged arc furnace price are different), the first several levels are constant power, the last several levels are constant current, and overload capacity is required to be greater than 25%, and side outlet pipe connection mode is adopted.

2.2 High Voltage Power Supply System

The high-voltage power supply system is fed by 35KV (or 110KV) through the transformer disconnector and vacuum breaker to the furnace transformer. At the same time, harmonic absorption devices and primary compensation can be designed according to user requirements.

2.3 Voltage Power Supply System

A power transformer is set. The power supply is sent to the power cabinet in the main room, and to the water pump, transformer, voltage regulator, power control, PLC power, hydraulic station, and air compressor room. Secondary compensation can be added for low voltage.

3. Main Auxiliary Equipment of Submerged Arc Furnace Price

The equipment or drawings designed and manufactured by our company can be prepared or used according to the needs of users.

3.1 Feeding System Equipment

Feeding equipment can be belt feeding, single bucket elevator feeding, bucket elevator, hopper, material tank, and single beam electric hoist feeding.

The feeding equipment can choose the distribution trolley, steel silo → blanking pipe → electromagnetic vibration feeder → automatic gate valve → blanking pipe.

3.2 Discharge Equipment: ladle, ladle gantry hook, ladle car, ground winch.

3.3 Casting Equipment: ingot mold

3.4 Furnace rammer, feeder, and burn-through device.

3.5 Dedusting Equipment

3.6 High voltage compensation and secondary low voltage compensation. (Select to use)

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