Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturers

induction melting furnace manufacturers

Among many induction melting furnace manufacturers, how to choose an induction melting furnace suitable for our factory? Now let’s learn about the relevant information of the smelting furnace manufacturer.

An induction melting furnace is a tool for melting metal. The melting system is safe, solid, efficient, and easy to maintain. It is designed as a combination of upper and lower thick wall cylinders with a thick wall without a rectangular tube structure, a unique shock absorption, and a top fixed magnetic yoke structure, which combines the advantages of steel shell and aluminum shell furnaces to support the coils evenly in all aspects.

The refractory pouring blocks for the top and bottom of the induction melting furnace designed for integral pouring have great strength. The furnace platform is made of refractory materials to protect the steel plate of the furnace platform from deformation. The thickness of the aluminum oxide slurry coating on the coil surface is appropriate, and it is solid and durable.

The solid magnetic yoke and the upper and lower Faraday rings guide the inductive magnetic yoke to gather in the molten pool; This design eliminates the induction heating of the furnace body and metal objects outside the furnace. Each cooling water circuit has flow, temperature protection, and temperature display functions.

The induction melting furnace assembly is equipped with a smoking ring.

The furnace cover is equipped with various smoking structures to achieve ideal energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

The design of the dust ring is safe and reliable, without a moving mechanism, and it is simple to install. It is suitable for some feeding methods and production sites where the dust hood cannot be used.

The induction melting furnace body assembly is equipped with front and rear tilting dust hoods.

The front and back tipping dust hoods are of solid steel structure design. The furnace cover with refractory is fixed in the middle of the dust hood, and the whole dust hood can be opened through the hydraulic oil cylinder. It is necessary to change the opening direction of the vacuum hood by operating and changing the position of the locating pin.

The heat loss in the electric furnace smelting process, at the same time, the dust hood absorbs dust and waste gas through a certain amount of air suction, so as to achieve and improve the effect of waste gas emission.

Example: How to configure an aluminum smelting furnace?

There are induction melting furnaces burning coal, oil, gas, and electricity. Some stoves have chimneys, while others have no chimneys. Generally, a square furnace (rectangular furnace) is used, and the advanced one is a round furnace. Some round furnaces can pour aluminum water at an inclined angle.

In terms of tonnage, there are 1-ton, 2-ton, 5-ton, 10-ton, 25-ton, and 50-ton aluminum melting furnaces. More advanced, a standing furnace is added below the aluminum melting furnace to prepare 6063 alloys, which can be used for slag removal, degassing, standing, and then casting aluminum bars for extrusion. The quality of alloy prepared in the original coal-fired furnace is different from that in the modern round furnace.

Generally, no matter what fuel is burned in the induction melting furnace, there should be a chimney. Most of the waste gas and slag generated during the combustion of fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If there is no chimney, the waste gas and slag are all melted in the aluminum water. In this way, the aluminum rod for extrusion is cast. There are serious slag inclusion bubbles inside, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of aluminum, and one of the reasons for the low price of aluminum.

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