10 Ton Induction Furnace

10 ton induction furnace

There are two main types of 10 ton induction furnaces, the 10-ton parallel induction furnace, and the 10-ton one-tow-two induction furnace.

1. 10 Ton One-driven-two Induction Furnace

The 10-ton two-driven medium-frequency furnace system is used for the production of steel castings and iron castings. It is composed of a set of no less than 6000KW dual-power variable frequency power supply, two 10-ton coreless steel shell medium-frequency furnaces, and auxiliary equipment required for the normal operation of the system.

A series resonant double output power supply with two electric furnaces can work simultaneously (commonly known as one driven by two), that is, the output power can be randomly distributed between the two furnace bodies in a stepless manner, and the power can be transmitted to the two furnace bodies at the same time, one for heat preservation and the other for smelting.

The power cabinet and furnace body use their own closed-circuit circulating water system, including a closed-circuit cooling tower, heat exchanger, etc. The rectifier transformer uses the primary high voltage to reduce to the input voltage suitable for the medium frequency power supply, the primary voltage is 10KV, and the secondary voltage is DY11, d0 wiring 12-pulse rectifier.

1.1 Working Mode of 10 Ton Induction Furnace:

1.1.1 One set of furnace body smelting production, the other set of furnace body standby.

1.1.2 One set of the furnace body is smelted and produced, and the other set of the furnace body is insulated at the same time.

1.2 Main Process Parameters of the equipment:

1.2.1 Main Process Parameters of 10t one-driven-two Furnace:

1Rated Power of Transformer≥6000KVA
2Incoming voltage950V±5%
3Rated power of power supply≥ 600K (a set of power supply system, power position arbitrary distribution)
4IF frequency≥300HZ
5Melting temperature1600℃
6Rated capacity10 t
7Maximum capacity≥11t
8Rectification and inversion formseries connection
9Melting rate (molten steel)9t/h
10Melting power consumption (hot furnace, molten steel)550KW.h/t±5%(1600℃)
11Melting power consumption (hot furnace, molten iron)525KW.h/t±5%(1500℃)
12Power factor≥0.95
13Power supply formRealize dual power supply (melting, heat preservation or oven drying at the same time)
14Furnace typeOne dragging two means one set of power supplies and two furnace bodies
16Start success rate100%

1.2.2 10t One-driven-two Induction Furnace Project:

No.NameModel and remarksNumber
1Intermediate frequency power supply (1 set of rectifier cabinets (2 sets of inverter cabinets)Design power of single machine 5000KW, total power of two sets 6000KW, one smelting 5000KW, one thermal insulation 1000KW1 set
2Resonant capacitor bankIncluded in inverter cabinet2 set
3Boiler leakage alarm device (optional) 2 set
4Furnace steel shell (including oil cylinder, iron core, support, induction coil, etc.)10T smelting furnace body2 set
5Crucible mold 1 set
6Water-cooled cableOutgoing line of the water-cooled cable side2 set
7Hydraulic station system 1 set
8Tilting furnace control console (optional) 1 set

2. 10t Parallel Induction Furnace

One set of 12-pulse medium-frequency power supply with the power of 6000 kW is equipped with two 10-ton medium-frequency induction heating furnaces, one for use and one for standby. A 6300KVA special rectifier transformer is used for a 6000KW medium-frequency power supply for the smelting of cast steel smelting furnaces.

2.1 Main Equipment Configuration of 10t/6000KW Furnace

No.NameModel and remarksNumber
1Medium frequency power cabinet 12-pulse medium frequency power supply6300K equipped with 10t intermediate frequency smelting furnace1 set
2Capacitor bank 1 set
3Boiler leakage alarm device 1 set
4Furnace body (including oil steel, iron core, support, induction coil, etc.)10t smelting furnace body1 set
5Crucible mold 2 set
6Water-cooled cableOutgoing line of the water-cooled cable side1 set
7Hydraulic station system 1 set
8Tilting furnace control consoleRexroth series components1 set
9Equipment technical drawings 1 set
10Equipment operation instructions 1 set
11Certificate and inspection report 1 set

Adopt a 6-phase 12-pulse intermediate frequency power supply control system. Eliminate the 5th and 7th higher harmonics, greatly reducing the harmonic interference of the power grid.
The use of a fully enclosed cooling tower can improve the cooling effect of the system and the service life of the equipment, without the need to build a pool.

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