Induction Furnace for Aluminum

induction furnace for aluminum

The induction furnace for aluminum is mainly used for smelting and heating of aluminum and aluminum alloys, especially in smelting places where there are many recycled materials such as aluminum profiles and aluminum products and the single furnace intermittently operates, such as aluminum profiles, aluminum products, alloy plates, and scrap aluminum recycling, etc.

Working Principle

The complete smelting furnace equipment includes medium frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body (two), water-cooled cable and reducer. The furnace body is composed of four parts, including a furnace shell, induction coil, furnace lining and tilting reduction box. The furnace shell is made of non-magnetic materials. The induction coil is a spiral cylinder made of rectangular hollow tubes. During smelting, the tubes are filled with cooling water. The copper bar led from the coil is connected to the water-cooled cable. The furnace lining is close to the induction ring and is made of quartz sand compacted and sintered. The tilting of the furnace body is directly rotated by the tilting reduction box.

The tilting furnace reduction gearbox is a two-stage turbine transmission with good self-locking performance and stable and reliable rotation. In case of emergency power failure, watch the end of the work and tilt the furnace to avoid danger. The control of the tilting reduction box motor of the two furnace bodies can be selected through the furnace selection switch. The switch box with four-core rubber wire can make the operator stand at the appropriate position to control the tilting and resetting of the furnace body.

Technical Parameter of Induction Furnace for Aluminum

1. Energy consumption ≤ 650000 kcal/ton aluminum

2. The furnace body specifications are 1.5T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T, 10T, 12T, 15T, 18T, 20T, 25T. Special design can be made according to user requirements

3. Aluminum loss index ≤ 1.2%

Main economic and technical indicators: refer to the indicators reached during the process from feeding to aluminum liquid reaching 740 ℃ under the condition that each furnace reaches the rated capacity, the return charge is not more than 30% (clean material), and the rest is aluminum ingot, which enters the thermal balance state and normal production.

Structure Characteristics

1. Small size, lightweight, high efficiency and low power consumption;

2. Low ambient temperature, less smoke and dust, and good working environment;

3. Simple operation process and reliable smelting operation;

4. Uniform heating temperature, less burning loss and uniform metal composition;

5. The casting quality is good, the melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high;

6. High availability and convenient variety change.

Advantages of the Induction Furnace for Aluminum

1. Safety protection:

It is safe and reliable, and the crucible can still be produced continuously for less than 6 hours.

2. Product quality:

Non-contact heating, due to the electromagnetic stirring effect, greatly reduces various impurities in molten aluminum, and the composition of molten aluminum is more uniform, without bottom scaling.

3. Quality burning consumption:

Aluminum burning loss is less than 0.1%, and aluminum slag has no gas and no pulverization.

4. Thermal insulation performance:

Good thermal insulation performance, using European thermal insulation/British Morgan super strength non-staining aluminum refractory material, integrated molding structure strong protective sleeve, furnace body can be touched by hand.

5. Power saving loss:

Energy saving, saving more than 30% compared with ordinary resistance furnace, saving more than 20% compared with variable frequency resistance furnace, fast melting, power 60KW melting 300KG aluminum water, less than 3 hours

6. Thermal insulation effect

For example, users do not need to filter and clean the aluminum liquid when the power is cut off for 2-5 days. The temperature is set to 650 ℃, and the power consumption for 24 hours of insulation is less than 60 ℃. They can continue to work when the power is on.

7. Temperature control:

The optimal temperature control system design can improve the quality of casting products and control the temperature accurately. The imported non-stick aluminum high-temperature resistant sleeve is used, which is durable and has a small temperature difference.

8. Crucible life:

The melting pot adopts the heating element of super strength silicon carbide graphite crucible, which will not cause iron increase and is easy to replace. The service life of the crucible is more than 6 months and the long-term heat preservation service is more than one year.

9. Furnace environment:

Sound, electric current scream, harsh, radioactive harmful magnetic field, temperature radiation, perfect protection of workers’ health</

10. Quality assurance:

Full-digital phase-locked, real-time voltage, current and power calculation technology, constant power output, high and low input voltage changes do not affect the output power, leakage, aluminum leakage, overflow, power failure and other safety protection.

11. Technical stability:

Dynamic inductance identification technology, built-in fuzzy PID closed-loop control technology, can accurately and intelligently search for the most efficient operating frequency. The induction heating power supply does not generate heat and has very high efficiency. The continuous fault-free operation is more than 10000 hours, and the failure rate is less than 2% in three years. The control cabinet is guaranteed for one year and has a service life of more than 5 years.

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