Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

2 Ton Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

Quantity of complete sets of equipment for induction furnace plant for sale: 1 set Configuration method of each set: one transformer, one set of independent intermediate frequency power supply system, two furnace bodies and accessories.

Application of induction melting electric furnace equipment: Mainly used for melting, heating, heat preservation, quenching, and tempering of cast steel, cast iron, ductile iron, etc.

Design and production requirements of 2 Ton Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

Working temperature: 1600℃

Rated capacity of each furnace body: 2t

The power of the intermediate frequency power supply system is adjustable, and the power adjustment range is 5-100%.

The main purpose 2 Ton Induction Furnace Plant for Sale is to enable users to improve productivity and meet different smelting needs, the heating section can be adjusted accurately, so that the furnace body can be smelted, kept warm, preheated, and sintered. One furnace body works and the other furnace body stands by. This can maximize production efficiency and reduce smelting costs.

An on-site operation cabinet is installed on the electric furnace platform to control the operation, stop, and power output adjustment of the power supply respectively, and the output power adjustment uses a large-diameter knob.

A set of independent intermediate frequency power supplies, and the configuration of two furnace bodies. When one furnace fails and needs to be repaired, the other furnace can work normally.

The system is equipped with a variety of protection functions and safe and reliable operation.

Our company installs a safety protection cabinet for the equipment, which can detect the water pressure and temperature of the power supply and each branch of the furnace body, as well as the furnace leakage alarm system of the furnace body, floor leakage alarm, etc.; hydraulic lock flow, system water pressure, water temperature Protective function.

The Main Technical Parameters of 2 Ton Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

A. Comprehensive parameters
Device formIntermediate frequency melting furnace
Equipment useFor cast iron, cast steel
Rated Capacity2T
Maximum capacity2t+10%
Operating temperature1600°C (chemical steel) 1450°C (chemical iron)
Hydraulic mediumMachinery oil
Hydraulic station capacity500L
Tilting methodHydraulic control
Tilting furnace maximum angle     95 degrees
Working noise<85dB
Furnace structureSteel shell
Outgoing waySide outlet
Power consumption/t630KW.H/T (steel—smelting state)560KW.H/T (iron—smelting state)
Electrical parameters
Rated power1250KW
Number of rectification phases12 pulses
InverterSCR in parallel
Rated frequency500Hz
Incoming line voltage3×380V
Inductor Voltage1400V
Power startup success rate100%
Power factor0.92
C. Cooling water system parameters
Inlet pressure 0.2-0.4MPa
Inlet water temperature 5-35℃
Water temperature<55℃
Cooling water flow38t/h

Rectifier Transformer Technical Parameters

Specifications: ZPS-1500/6
Rated capacity: 10 Sc=1500kVA
Wiring method: D/Y
Primary rated voltage: U1=6kV or 10KV
Secondary side rated voltage: U2=380V×2
Connection group: D/Yn11~d0
Impedance voltage: Z75=7%
Cooling method: ONAN

Rectifier Transformer Use Conditions

(1) Altitude: +1000m
(2) Ambient temperature: 25-40°C
(3) The external protection measures of the transformer: heavy gas trip, light gas alarm, pressure relief valve protection and oil over-temperature alarm, on-load switch protection is consistent with the upper transformer.

Perfect Protection Technology of 2 Ton Induction Furnace Plant for Sale

Power protection measures include:

  1. Main circuit short circuit protection
  2. Main circuit phase loss protection
  3. High grid voltage protection
  4. Grid low voltage protection
  5. High cooling water temperature protection
  6. Cooling water low pressure protection
  7. Low cooling water flow protection
  8. Thyristor overvoltage protection
  9. Thyristor overcurrent protection
  10. Inverter thyristor current high rate of rise protection
  11. Insufficient commutation time protection of inverter thyristor
  12. Insufficient protection of inverter thyristor reverse turn-off voltage time

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