Small Induction Furnace For Sale

Small Induction Furnace For Sale

0.5 Ton Small Induction Furnace For Sale

0.5 Ton small induction furnace for sale with ordinary parallel connection of classic lines. Power selection: 0.5 Ton intermediate frequency furnace, 0.5 Ton smelting furnace power range is generally 300-400KW; frequency range is 1000Hz; according to different tonnage and different process requirements, choose the appropriate melting power to obtain the best benefit ratio.

0.5 Ton Small Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace Technical Parameters

Equipment model GWT-0.5/400Technical indicatorsTechnical indicators
Equipment rated power400KW400KW
Phase voltage380V380V
Furnace rated voltage1500V1500V
Rated Capacity0.5T0.5T
Rated temperature1800℃1800℃
Power supply specificationKGPS-0.5/450KGPS-0.5/450
Single set price(aluminum shell structure) (steel shell structure)
Complete configuration list:Fast IF power supplyone set
Compensation capacitor cabinetone set
Two furnacestwo sets
ReducerTwo sets, Steel shell structures adopt hydraulic
Water-cooled cabletwo 
Crucible filmone
Instructionsone copy

Configuration instructions for ordinary parallel connection of 0.5 tons of intermediate frequency furnaces with classic lines

A. Intermediate frequency power supply and electrical parts: rectifier transformer (self-configured), intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitor, control cabinet, etc. The intermediate frequency power supply part also includes a crucible leakage alarm system (optional).

B. Furnace body part: optional (steel shell or aluminum shell furnace body) intermediate frequency furnaces are equipped with two furnace bodies, one for production use and the other for standby; the furnace body includes a furnace cover, an inductor, a crucible, and a furnace body bracket, water dispenser, etc.

C. Transmission device: The transmission device includes mechanical or hydraulic devices such as the movement of the furnace cover, the tilting and reset of the furnace body, and the furnace lining setting device.

D. Connection materials: a set of copper bars connecting the power supply to the capacitor cabinet; a set of water-cooled cables (capacitor cabinet to furnace body)

Note: The above configuration is a typical standard configuration in the form of “one electric furnace and two furnaces”. We can provide configuration solutions that meet production needs according to different production process requirements.

0.5 Ton Small Induction Furnace For Sale Cooling Equipment

Users can choose a better cooling method according to the actual situation on site.

Generally, the use of a fully enclosed cooling tower should be considered first, and soft water should be installed to effectively reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

If the on-site water quality is good, the site is large, and the dust prevention measures are appropriate, it may be considered to build a pool.

0.5 Ton Small Induction Furnace For Sale Features

The zero-pressure frequency sweep software is started, and the success rate of the start-up is 200%.

Comprehensive protection measures, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, current limiting, pressure limiting, water shortage, and lack of protection, make the equipment run reliably under the premise of ensuring the melting speed.

(1) The equipment is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency, and low in power consumption.

(2) The temperature around the furnace is low, there is less smoke and dust, and the working environment is good.

(3) The operation process is simple and the smelting operation is reliable; it is suitable for various metal smelting and various casting processes.

(4) The metal composition is uniform and the material is well-controlled.

(5) The melting temperature rises quickly, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high.

(6) The utilization rate of the furnace is high, and it is convenient to replace the variety.

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