Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

aluminum induction melting furnace for sale

Aluminum induction melting furnace for sale can be divided into tilting melting furnace, top-out melting furnace, and fixed intermediate frequency melting furnace. According to different application requirements, infrared temperature detectors, temperature controllers, and other devices can be equipped. The intermediate frequency smelting furnace is mainly used for the melting of metal materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, silver, etc.

1. Composition of Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

1.1 One DSZP-110 intermediate frequency smelting equipment control host.

1.2 One set of the smelting furnace body.

1.3 One 20T closed cooling system.

2. The Main Characteristics of Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

2.1 The medium frequency induction heating power supply adopts medium frequency all solid-state IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, and adopts our company’s unique third-generation soft switch technology – soft switch resonance dual regulation and frequency automatic tracking technology, which is a guarantee of high reliability.

2.2 The equipment is designed with comprehensive protection functions such as overcurrent protection, under-voltage protection, overheating protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, phase loss protection, etc., which not only increases the reliability of the equipment but also facilitates its maintenance work.

2.3 The aluminum induction melting furnace has multiple display functions such as frequency display, current display, voltage display, and power display, making the working condition of the device intuitive and providing more guidance for designing induction coils and capacitor adjustment.

2.4 Ultra-small size, lightweight, movable, covering an area of about 5 square meters.

2.5 24-hour uninterrupted smelting capacity.

2.6 Energy saving, electromagnetic stirring ability, and more uniform melting material.

3. Technical Advantages of Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

3.1 The average electricity consumption of aluminum is 0.4-0.5 kWh/KG, which saves more than 30% compared to traditional stoves.

3.2 1 hour 600 ° C temperature rise, ultra-fast heating speed, long-lasting constant temperature.

3.3 Complies with energy-saving and emission reduction policies, free from dust, oil fumes, and harmful gas emissions.

3.4 Independently developed 32-bit CPU technology, with intelligent protection such as leakage, aluminum leakage, overflow, and power outage.

3.5 Electromagnetic eddy current induction heating, no heating dead angle, high raw material utilization rate.

3.6 The crucible is evenly heated, with a small temperature difference, and an average life extension of 50%.

4. Types of Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

There are two types of commonly used aluminum induction melting furnace for sale: coreless and cored. The advantages of this furnace are less suction and less oxidation burning loss. Generally, the burning loss of metal aluminum is only about 0.5%. The crushing time of raw materials is not 1%, and for waste aluminum, it is only 5% at most. When melting, strong magnetic lines of force are generated and stirred, resulting in uniform composition and fast melting, which is very beneficial for crushed materials. Low unit power consumption and high thermal efficiency. In general, the power consumption is around 450-kilowatt hours/ton, and the thermal efficiency can reach 80%. The resistance furnace is correspondingly 430~600 kWh/ton and 50%.

Strictly speaking, the smelting equipment for recycled aluminum is the same as that for raw aluminum. However, due to the varying shapes and sizes of waste aluminum, there is significant burning loss during the melting of small-sized materials, and even before they are melted in the furnace, they have already been oxidized. Therefore, the equipment for melting waste aluminum needs to consider oxidation and burning losses, as well as the various requirements for the equipment proposed. Although aluminum has a low melting point (660 ℃), its melting latent heat and specific heat is large, so the heat required for aluminum melting is even higher than that of copper (Cu melting point 963 ℃), indicating that energy conservation in aluminum melting is very important.

Aluminum induction melting furnaces for sale include reverberatory furnaces, induction furnaces, resistance furnaces, etc. The reverberatory furnace also has radiation-type and convection-type aluminum melting furnaces. The fuels used in reverberatory furnaces include natural gas, gas, heavy oil, etc. According to geometric form, there are rectangular furnaces with side loading and circular furnaces with top loading. At present, in addition to resistance furnaces, the application of reverberatory furnaces and induction furnaces is constantly expanding and improving.

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