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Ladle refining furnace for sale

The ladle refining furnace belongs to secondary refining equipment, and is usually used in the process after the primary refining furnace.

Its main function is to desulfurize molten steel melted in electric arc furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces and other primary smelting furnaces, remove impurities, adjust the alloy composition ratio in molten steel, and make the alloy composition in molten steel more accurate.

Ladle refining furnace is mainly used for smelting high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel and other metals.

Spare Parts List – Ladle Refining Furnace for Sale

Furnace body: furnace shell, furnace door mechanism, tapping channel mechanism

Furnace cover: water cooling ring, refractory material center cover (this is the seller’s drawing, the buyer is self-made)

Furnace cover lifting: furnace cover lifting mechanism (oil cylinder, chain, gear, etc.), (Γ-type frame)

Tilting mechanism: arc frame, base, tilting hydraulic cylinder

Electrode cross arm and lifting mechanism: electrode support arm, electrode clamping device, lifting mechanism

Short net: stainless steel bracket, compensator, water-cooled cable, water-cooled conductive copper tube

Cooling water system: water inlet distributor, return water tank, pressure gauge, thermometer, valve

Hydraulic system: motor, pump, filter, oil tank, control valve, accumulator

High-voltage power supply system: isolating switch, voltage transformer, vacuum circuit breaker, current transformer, lightning arrester, etc.

Furnace transformer

Low-voltage electrical system: low-voltage power cabinet, PLC cabinet, main console, furnace console, hydraulic operation box, control sensor, limit switch, etc. The cabinet brand is Germany Rittal.

Automatic control system: Siemens PLC


Advantages of Hani Ladle Refining Furnace For Sale

a. Low power consumption

The high-current system of the ladle refining furnaces uses pure copper as the conductive medium, and the resistance of the entire circuit is small.

Fully considering the skin effect when the current passes through the conductor, the cross arm adopts a box-shaped copper-steel composite plate structure, which can effectively reduce the resistance and heat generated on the side. Reasonable high-current system layout makes each current impedance smaller.

b. Structure optimization, lower failure rate and lower cost

The clamping device for the three electrodes is installed in three sets of short arms, controlled by a set of cross arms and column supports.

This method optimizes the original three cross-arm columns, which makes the cross-arm system structure simpler, takes up less space, lower failure rate, more convenient control, more convenient maintenance and lower cost.

c. Safe and stable

The whole set of hydraulic drive is equipped with an accumulator, which plays the role of stabilizing the hydraulic system and making the equipment run more stably. At the same time, in sudden accidents such as power outages, the unfinished operations of the equipment can continue to be performed, which improves the safety of smelting.

d. Simple and convenient operation

The electrical automation control adopts man-machine interface, the interface simulates the real furnace body form, and the operation is convenient. Batching, feeding, smelting and tapping can all be operated on the computer.

e. Cooperate with our company’s hot-fill plug rod system, more pouring times, more convenient operation, more convenient installation, and lower cost.

f. It can be equipped with an automatic temperature measurement and sampling system to make the operation safer and more convenient.

g. We have a variety of dust removal systems, which can be equipped with different forms of dust removal equipment according to the environmental protection requirements of different countries.

The above is about ladle refining furnace for sales. More questions or demands welcome to contact us !

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