Electromagnetic Induction Slag Melting Furnace

Electromagnetic induction slag smelting furnace

Electromagnetic induction slag smelting furnace is an ideal smelting furnace for efficient use of slag sensible heat in blast furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, etc., and one-step production of rock wool. The double hot slag electromagnetic induction blast furnace slag smelting furnace group recently developed by our company is the key equipment supporting the rock wool production line with an annual output of 10,000~80,000t/y using this production process.

The furnace charge is mainly 1200°C blast furnace slag (accounting for about 50%~90%), with 10%~50% of ore materials such as basalt, dolomite and fluorite. The charge is heated, melted, adjusted in composition, stirred and kept warm in the furnace to obtain a slag with a constant temperature (such as 1550°C) and a uniform composition that meets the specified requirements, which is used to make rock wool out of the furnace.

The smelting furnace is composed of an induction heating furnace body, a base frame, a column, a lifting and rotating furnace cover, an induction body group, a rotating stirring device, an ultra-high power frequency conversion power supply, a control system and a closed water cooling system. The control system adopts industrial computer and PLC.

Features of the melting furnace :

1. High thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the cupola rock wool production process, it can save energy by more than 60% per ton;

2. Using high-power induction heating, the heating speed is fast and the productivity is high;

3. The furnace charge is suitable for a wide range of applications. The composition and temperature of the molten slag can be easily adjusted according to the needs. The upper limit of the temperature of the slag pool can reach 1700°C;

4. The quality of the slag is high, mechanical and electromagnetic stirring ensure that the composition of the slag is uniform, and induction heating is used without contamination from impurities such as coke furnace dust;

5. The special bottom leakage slag outlet design ensures accurate flow, convenient opening and closing, no waste of slag, and less waste slag in the production process;

6. The comprehensive production cost is low, and there is little environmental pollution.

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