Selection of Intermediate Frequency Furnace Equipment

intermediate frequency furnace

The intermediate frequency furnace is a commonly used non-standard induction heating equipment for metals. Because it is a non-standard heating equipment, there are many additional conditions when choosing an intermediate frequency furnace. Not all workpieces can be heated with an intermediate frequency furnace. Here, the editor of Haishan Electrical and Mechanical will introduce the selection of intermediate frequency furnace equipment.

First, determine the material of the workpiece heated by the intermediate frequency furnace. Metal workpieces can be directly heated, and non-metallic workpieces need to be heated indirectly.

The intermediate frequency furnace has fast heating speed and easy operation, so it is suitable for heating metal workpieces with large batches and relatively regular shapes. If the number of heated workpieces is too small and the batch size is not large enough, it is not suitable for intermediate frequency furnace heating.

The shape of the workpiece heated by the intermediate frequency furnace also has certain requirements. It is suitable for round, square, pipe, plate and other shapes, especially for round steel, steel pipe, steel plate, aluminum rod, copper rod, steel plate, steel pipe and other workpieces. heating.

Selection of intermediate frequency furnace heating process. To select the appropriate intermediate frequency furnace, you must determine the heating purpose of the intermediate frequency furnace. For example, for different process requirements such as forging, casting, quenching and tempering, rolling, etc., you need to select the corresponding intermediate frequency furnace.

It is also critical to determine the production capacity of the intermediate frequency furnace. The annual output, shift output, or heating rhythm of a single workpiece must be determined to ensure the production efficiency of the intermediate frequency furnace and meet production needs.

Determine the structural form of the induction furnace according to the production length and area, choose split intermediate frequency furnace or electromechanical intermediate frequency furnace, aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace or steel shell intermediate frequency furnace.

According to the requirements of the production method, it is necessary to choose the degree of automation of the intermediate frequency furnace, whether it requires PLC control, infrared temperature measurement, temperature sorting, automatic feeding, etc.

During the selection process of the intermediate frequency furnace, because it is non-standard equipment, more technical exchanges are required to ensure that the selected intermediate frequency furnace is suitable for your own needs. During the exchange, you must provide the workpiece material, workpiece specifications, and heating temperature. , heating cycle or productivity, degree of automation, cooling circulating water requirements and other technical requirements to choose the correct intermediate frequency furnace.

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