Basic Structure of Submerged Arc Furnace

Submerged arc furnace

The submerged arc furnace is a kind of electric furnace body, furnace transformer, high current conductor (short network), electrode system, submerged arc furnace feeding system, cooling system, high and low voltage power distribution system, monitoring automation system, iron slag system, smoke exhaust Complex electrometallurgical equipment composed of dust removal system.

The high-voltage electric energy provided by the power grid is converted into low-voltage and high current through a special transformer through the submerged arc furnace. The current is transported to the electrode through a high-current conductor and input into the furnace through the carbon electrode. The furnace around the electrode generates electrical adhesion and arc heat at the extreme end of the electrode to transfer the electric energy. It is converted into heat energy, thereby forming a high-temperature reaction zone in the furnace body, and the metal oxide ore resumes its reaction.

Carbon reducing agents such as coke are usually used. Coke and reduced gold oxide ore raw materials continue to be added to the furnace, the reaction zone resumes the reaction, liquid products accumulate in the molten pool, the furnace outlet is opened regularly, metal liquid is poured, alloy products are refined, slag water quenching or Use after pouring.

Submerged arc furnaces are mainly divided into round submerged arc furnaces and rectangular submerged arc furnaces. Since the submersible furnace generates a large amount of furnace gas (i.e. flue gas) during the smelting and production process, the circular submersible furnace is divided into high smoke hood open furnace, semi-closed furnace and closed furnace. The furnace body can be fixed and rotated. Rectangular submersible furnace is generally a closed structure with a fixed furnace body.

Since the fume hood is suspended above the furnace body, it causes serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, and does not comply with labor and health regulations. Therefore, open furnaces with high fume hoods have been gradually phased out.

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