Electric Arc Furnace Body

Electric Arc Furnace body is composed of the furnace bottom, the furnace body and the furnace cover supporting the molten steel or scrap;
The furnace body is mainly used to melt various metallurgy;
The EAF furnace body is mainly composed of metal components and refractory lining;
The furnace body includes furnace shell, furnace door, tapping groove, furnace cover ring and electrode sealing ring.


Electric Arc Furnace Body (EAF) main mechanical equipment consists of the metal parts of the furnace body, the electrode seat and the electrode lifting device, the furnace body tilting device, the furnace cover lifting and rotating device, etc.

The furnace body structure of EAF is mainly composed of furnace bottom, furnace body and furnace cover supporting molten steel or scrap steel.

The bottom, the furnace body, and the inner side of the steel plate of the furnace cover are all made of masonry refractory materials.

However, in any case, the structure supporting molten steel or scrap is made of steel plates.

When designing, it should be noted that the following steps are included: the calculation of the size of the electric arc furnace, the determination of the size and material of the furnace shell and lining.


Characteristic of Electric Arc Furnace Body

Electric Arc Furnace body is an important equipment of the electric furnace, which is used to melt the charge and carry out various metallurgical reactions.

The furnace body of the EAF consists of two parts: metal components and refractory lining.

The metal parts of the furnace body include furnace shell, furnace door, tapping groove, furnace cover ring and electrode sealing ring.

The furnace shell is welded with steel plates, and the upper part of the furnace shell is provided with a reinforcing ring.

The upper part of the large furnace shell is often made into two layers, and the middle is water-cooled.

The furnace door is used to observe the situation in the furnace, as well as operations such as slag scraping, sampling, and charging.

The oven door is usually covered with an oven door cover. The furnace door is usually cooled with water.

The door cover of the small electric furnace is opened and closed manually, while the larger electric furnace is opened and closed with compressed air or hydraulic mechanism.

The tapping groove is connected with the furnace shell, the outer side is welded with steel plates, and the inner side is built with refractory materials for tapping.

The furnace cover of the electric arc furnace is surrounded by annular members welded by steel plates or section steel, called furnace cover rings, which are mostly cooled by water.

The furnace cover is arched with refractory material. There are three electrode holes symmetrically arranged in an equilateral triangle on the furnace cover, and an electrode sealing ring is arranged between the electrode holes and the electrodes.

The electrode sealing ring is made of steel plate and cooled with water.


Routine Maintenance

In order to improve the furnace age of the electric arc furnace, it is necessary to carry out normal maintenance of the furnace body of the EAF, so what should be paid attention to in the normal maintenance:

1. During the smelting process, the water temperature and flow rate should be checked frequently to prevent water interruption and water leakage.

The furnace top water cooling system should also be kept in good condition and prevent the circulating water from dripping and thermally eroding the furnace wall.

2. It is difficult to maintain the original normal shape and size of the furnace bottom and furnace slope. Once serious thinning, potholes or material turning occurs, it should be dealt with in time.
Therefore, before charging the furnace bottom after cold repair, a sufficient amount of steel plates should be placed on the furnace bottom slope to prevent damage from large pieces of heavy materials.

3. The maintenance of the tapping port The refractory material of the tapping port is the weak link of the electric furnace.
It cannot be synchronized with the age of the middle repair furnace, so many circuits use the method of replacing the tapping hole with the hot stage to solve this problem.

A good electric furnace experience can improve the life and safety to a greater extent.


Electric Arc Furnace Application Range

HANI Metallurgy is an experienced Chinese manufacturer of electric arc furnaces.

Committed to providing high quality EAF and its auxiliary equipment/spare parts.


Available Range

1 ton, 6 tons, 15 tons, 40 tons, 70 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 300 tons, 420 tons,
And various high-power / ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces according to customer requirements.


Smelting Range

The electric arc furnace can not only smelt high-quality steel with low phosphorus, sulfur and oxygen content, but also can be alloyed with a variety of elements (including easily oxidized elements such as lead, boron, vanadium, titanium, and rare earths) to produce various high-quality steels and alloy steels.

Such as ball bearing steel, stainless acid-resistant steel, tool steel, electrical steel, heat-resistant steel, magnetic materials and special alloys.



For the melting of alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon structural steel and high-quality carbon steel, HANI Metallurgy can provide “turnkey” service of production line design, workshop layout, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning according to customer requirements.

It can also design, manufacture, transform and upgrade its existing smelting production equipment according to user requirements.


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