Ferroalloy Electric Furnace

Ferroalloy electric furnaces are generally circular in shape and equipped with three electrodes.

Reduction electric furnaces use continuous self-baking electrodes.

Refining electric furnaces commonly use graphite or carbon electrodes.

Smelting ferromanganese, ferrochrome and other ferroalloys with closed electric furnaces.

Smelting ferrosilicon, silicon metal, etc. with semi-closed electric furnace.


Ferroalloy electric furnace are divided into two categories: reduction electric furnaces and refining electric furnaces.

Reduction electric furnace, also known as submerged arc electric furnace or mineral heat electric furnace, take the electrode inserted into the charge of the submerged arc operation.

Reduction furnace has an open mouth, closed (or semi-closed), the furnace body has a fixed, rotating and other forms.

Refining electric furnace for refining medium-carbon, low-carbon, micro-carbon ferroalloys.

Electric furnace capacity is generally 1500-6000 kVA, using open mouth fixed or with cover tilting form.



Reduction Furnace

Also known as submerged arc electric furnace or mineral heat electric furnace.

1. Closed electric furnace or short fume hood and semi-closed electric furnace are used for different products respectively.

2. Furnace rotation can eliminate overhanging material, reduce crust “stinging fire” so that the fabric evenly, the reaction area to expand, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of furnace conditions.

3. Electric furnace capacity (in the production of ferroalloys refers to the electric furnace transformer capacity, according to the kilovolt-amperes, to mark the furnace capacity)

Before the 1950s, generally from a few hundred to about 10,000 kVA, and then gradually to large-scale development. 70s new electric furnace is generally 20,000 ~ 40,000 kVA, the largest closed electric furnace up to 75,000 kVA, the largest semi-closed furnace up to 96,000 kVA.

3. Ferroalloy electric furnace is generally a round furnace body, equipped with three electrodes.

Large ferromanganese electric furnace has a rectangular multi-electrode.

Some large ferrosilicon electric furnaces are equipped with rotating mechanism, and the furnace body rotates or swings reciprocally along the horizontal direction at a speed of 360° in 30-180 hours.

Closed electric furnace set sealed cover, semi-closed electric furnace in the fume hood under the operating door with adjustable opening degree, in order to control the amount of air pumped into and the temperature of the flue gas.

4. Electrode system widely used continuous self-baking electrode, the largest diameter of up to 2000 mm, some also made hollow type.

5. Smelting ferromanganese, ferrochrome and other ferroalloys with closed electric furnace; smelting ferroalloys that require material surface operation (ferrosilicon, silicon metal, etc.), then with semi-closed electric furnace.

Refining Furnace

1. Used for refining medium-carbon, low-carbon, micro-carbon ferroalloys.

2. Electric furnace capacity is generally 1500 ~ 6000 kVA, using open fixed or tilting form with cover.

3. Similar to the electric arc steel furnace, the use of graphite or carbon electrodes.


SAF Type & Service

HANI Metallurgy is a SAF China manufacturer with rich experience in production and export.

We can design and manufacture furnaces with the appropriate power according to the specific needs of our customers.

Types of Furnaces

SAF is mainly used for reduction of raw materials such as smelting ores, carbonaceous reducing agents and solvents.

It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, silicomanganese alloy and other ferroalloys.

The following models are in high demand by users:

16500KVA industrial silicon, 12500KVA silicon-aluminum furnace, 16500KVA silicomanganese furnace, 16500KVA ferro-nickel furnace,

33000KVA ferrosilicon furnace, 33000KVA ferrosilicon furnace, 25500KVA ferrochrome furnace, 8000KVA industrial silicon furnace

and other customized furnaces according to customer requirements.



HANI Metallurgy can provide “turnkey” services for technical solutions, production line design, plant layout, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of relevant projects.

We can also design, manufacture, modify and upgrade your existing production equipment according to your requirements.

We will send our engineers to your factory to install and commission the machines and provide reliable after-sales service.

Our machines are easy to operate and maintain.

Production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

We supply complete plants as well as individual plants such as furnace shells, furnace covers, furnace liners, short grids, water cooling systems, fume extraction systems, dust removal systems, electrode shells, electrode press and lift systems, loading and unloading systems, grippers, burn-throughs, hydraulic systems, transformers for mineral-heating furnaces and various auxiliary equipment and accessories.


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