SAF Water Cooling Cable

SAF Water Cooling Cable high quality rubber hose;
The hose is non-conductive, withstands voltage, has no leakage, and has no breakdown;
The applicable temperature can reach 100℃;
Comply with EU environmental protection standards.


SAF water cooling cable of submerged arc furnace adopts high-quality carbon-free cooling rubber hose.

The hose is non-conductive, with a withstand voltage of 12000V, no leakage, and no breakdown.

Applicable Temperature: -30 to 100 ℃;

Working Pressure: W.P1.0MPa;

Safety Factor: 3 times;

Environmental standards: in line with EU environmental standards ROHS requirements;

It has the characteristics of strong energy saving and consumption reduction;

The product is safe and reliable.


Characteristic Of SAF Water Cooling Cable

The submerged arc furnace water-cooled cable is composed of the central cooling water pipe, the surrounding wires, the rubber tube outside the wire, and the outside of the rubber tube.

The utility model has many advantages of ordinary water-cooled cables and changes the disadvantages of exposing the outermost rubber tube in the existing technology.

The metal bellows jacket is not afraid of sparks, will not age, and is not charged during operation.

It has a good thermal effect and long service life.

It is a novel power supply cable used in electric furnaces and electric arc furnaces in the metallurgical industry.

It is also an ideal water-cooled power supply cable for ferroalloy electric furnaces.

Conventional SAF water cooling cable are low-voltage and high-current transmission methods and are generally used for the connection between the power supply and the furnace body of electric arc furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, and intermediate frequency furnaces, and monocrystalline silicon furnaces.

This time, a high-voltage, high-current water-cooled cable is used for the connection between the high-voltage starting cabinet of the polysilicon reduction furnace and the electrode of the electric furnace.
The working voltage is AC 10kV, and the leakage current is required to be high.

During the test, the electrode terminal is slowly applied to AC13. 53kV, maintain the withstand voltage for 5 minutes, the leakage current is 10.14±0.06mA, no flash, no breakdown, no discharge sound, uniform electromagnetic sound, breaking the blank item of high-voltage water-cooled cable, saying goodbye to the history of relying on special technology, in The application field further expands the space and plays a key role in energy-saving and consumption reduction.

We have a professional SAF water-cooling cable production line, and the water-cooled cables for submerged arc furnaces produced have the following characteristics:

1. The electrode material is T2 copper, the structure can be made according to user requirements, and the surface is tin-plated;

2. The location of the water inlet and outlet can be determined according to the installation location of the user equipment;

3. The outer sheath hose is treated with high-temperature fire prevention, which is suitable for the working environment of the submerged arc furnace, with a large transmission current, safe and reliable.

4. Have good pre-sale and after-sale service.


SAF Type & Service

HANI Metallurgy is a SAF China manufacturer with rich experience in production and export.

We can design and manufacture furnaces with the appropriate power according to the specific needs of our customers.


Types of Furnaces

SAF is mainly used for reduction of raw materials such as smelting ores, carbonaceous reducing agents and solvents.

It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, silicomanganese alloy and other ferroalloys.

The following models are in high demand by users:

16500KVA industrial silicon, 12500KVA silicon-aluminum furnace, 16500KVA silicomanganese furnace, 16500KVA ferro-nickel furnace, 33000KVA ferrosilicon furnace, 33000KVA ferrosilicon furnace, 25500KVA ferrochrome furnace, 8000KVA industrial silicon furnace and other customized furnaces according to customer requirements.



HANI Metallurgy can provide “turnkey” services for technical solutions, production line design, plant layout, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of relevant projects.

We can also design, manufacture, modify and upgrade your existing production equipment according to your requirements.

We will send our engineers to your factory to install and commission the machines and provide reliable after-sales service.

Our machines are easy to operate and maintain.

Production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

We supply complete plants as well as individual plants such as furnace shells, furnace covers, furnace liners, short grids, water cooling systems, fume extraction systems, dust removal systems, electrode shells, electrode press and lift systems, loading and unloading systems, grippers, burn-throughs, hydraulic systems, transformers for mineral-heating furnaces and various auxiliary equipment and accessories.


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