Key Functions of Ladle Refining Furnaces

ladle refining furnaces

What are the key functions of ladle refining furnaces?

The ladle refining furnaces refer to the machinery and equipment that takes into account the heating and refining functions of the converter. It is a key metallurgical machine used for refining molten steel melted in primary furnaces (intermediate frequency induction furnaces, blast furnaces, and steelmaking furnaces), and can adjust the temperature of molten steel, cache the processing technology, and achieve steel rolling and rolling mills.

The ladle furnace is one of the key machinery and equipment for refining outside the furnace.

Key functions of ladle refining furnaces

Heating and thermal insulation of molten steel function

The molten steel obtains a new thermal energy project according to the electric arc heating, which can not only supplement the aluminum alloy and adjust the composition during the ladle refining, but also supplement the slag material, which is beneficial to the deep flue gas desulfurization and deamination of the molten steel.

And the molten steel opening temperature specified for rolling can be ensured, which is beneficial to the improvement of the quality of dry castings.

Argon bottle mixing function.

The argon cylinder blows atmosphere into the molten steel according to the breathable brick installed at the bottom of the ladle, and the molten steel obtains a certain mixing function.

Vacuum pump vacuum distillation function.

After the ladle is hoisted into a similar vacuum tank, a steam jet pump is used to carry out vacuum pump decompression distillation. At the same time, an argon cylinder is blown into the ladle to stir the molten steel, which can remove the hydrogen content and nitrogen content in the molten steel and further reduce the Oxygen content and sulfur content, and then obtain higher purity molten steel and materials with performance.

The use of ladle refining furnaces seems to all companies to at least increase the following benefits: speed up the rhythm of production and increase the productivity of the entire metallurgical industry.

Main application: Ladle refining furnace is widely used in industrial production, steel, metallurgical industry, and other fields.

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