Submerged Arc Reduction Furnace Power Supply System

Submerged arc furnace

Submerged arc reduction furnace is the main equipment for producing ferroalloys, which is used for reduction melting of ore and other furnace materials.

Equipment Composition

Submerged arc reduction furnace (submerged arc furnace) power supply system, electrode system, furnace body, fume hood (or furnace cover), charging system and water cooling system, etc.

Production Characteristics

The electrode is inserted into the furnace charge, the submerged arc operation is implemented, and the ore is heated by resistance and arc to make it reduce, so it is also called submerged arc furnace.

Reduction furnace usually has open, closed and semi-closed, the furnace body has fixed and rotary and other forms.

Equipment Composition & Structure

The submerged arc reduction furnace consists of power supply system, electrode system, furnace body, fume hood (or furnace cover), charging system and water cooling system.

Submerged Arc Reduction Furnace Power Supply System

Composed of transformer, short network and high and low voltage control equipment, etc.

The electric furnace transformer is characterized by low voltage and high current on the secondary side.

Voltage regulation range is wide, the number of stages, and most of them use on-load voltage regulation.

For example, 50,000KVA silicon iron furnace transformer, the secondary voltage of 120 ~ 290V, the number of on-load regulation level of 32 levels, the maximum phase current of 66640A.

Usually, small and medium-sized electric furnaces use a three-phase transformer, and large electric furnaces use three single-phase transformers.

Short network for the second side of the transformer to the electrode of a section of high current conductor, also known as the second busbar, by the hard busbar and soft busbar two parts.

The hard busbar is made of copper plate or copper tube, the latter is internally cooled by water to increase the current carrying capacity.

The soft busbar uses bare copper compound stranded wire, thin copper strip or water-cooled cable.

In order to minimize impedance, the distance from the transformer to the electrodes should be as short as possible and the positive and negative poles should be staggered and close to each other.

Therefore, triangular wiring is mostly used, i.e., triangular wiring is completed at the electrodes.

When using three single-phase transformers for power supply, each transformer is arranged at 120° to each other, which can make the shortest network and balanced impedance of the three phases.

A good power supply system provides more stability and safety for the submerged arc reduction furnace to a large extent. Be sure to choose a manufacturer with quality assurance and very good service.

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