EAF Power Conducting Arms

Power Conductive Electrode Arm

The electric arc furnace EAF power conducting arms is a rectangular beam structure, which is welded by copper-steel composite plates.

Due to the cancellation of the conductive copper tube and many insulation links on the traditional electrode cross arm, the structure is simplified, the diversion area is increased, the impedance value and maintenance workload can be greatly reduced, and these conducting arms can be widely used in 5T-100T electric arc furnaces and large-tonnage ladle refining furnace.

The conductive cross arm is an indispensable part of the electrode lifting mechanism of the modern electric arc furnace. The conductive cross-arm cancels the conductive copper tube structure so that the cross-arm can be used as both a supporting part and a conductive part, which simplifies the short-net structure. In terms of the arrangement, the conductive transverse arms of the two sides are symmetrically arranged with respect to the conductive transverse arms of the middle phase.

The composition of the conductive cross arm: the conductive cross arm is composed of an electrode spray ring, electrode hoop, electrode chuck, electrode soot blowing device, electrode clamping system, cross arm body, water inlet pipe, return water pipe, oil inlet pipe, metal hose, Water-cooled cable connection board.

The material of the EAF power conducting arms body: the conducting arm material is made of a copper-steel composite plate: the outer layer is a copper plate, the inner layer is a steel plate, and the two are welded together by the explosion. The outer part of the conductive cross arm is usually made into a rectangle, the outer copper plate is used for conduction, and the inner steel plate is used as the support arm. Use a copper plate instead of a conductive copper pipe.

It can greatly increase the conductive area, greatly reduce the reactance and resistance value, and increase the power by 3%-6%.

Features of EAF Power Conducting Arms

  • High power input improves production efficiency;
  • Improved impedance and reactance indicators;
  • The arc symmetry and stability are good, and the pitch circle diameter is small, which reduces the consumption of refractory materials;
  • The rigidity of the conducting arm is large, and the electrode can be adjusted quickly without causing large system vibration;
  • The electrode cross arm is effectively cooled and insulated;
  • The EAF power conducting arms are formed by welding copper-steel composite plates, in which the copper layer is used for conduction, and the steel layer is used to support various mechanical forces.
  • There is a water interlayer in the electrode arm frame, which is cooled by water and can withstand the burning of the electric furnace flame.
  • The EAF power conducting arms adopts a butterfly spring, which drives the electrode to be held tightly, and is started or hydraulically released. The clamping force is large, and the clamping electrode is reliable.
  • The electrode chuck is made of copper alloy or copper-steel composite plate, with internal water cooling, long service life, and reduced maintenance workload.

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