EAF Electrode Arms For Steelmaking

EAF Electrode Arms

EAF Electrode Arms are available in copper-steel composite arms and aluminum alloy arms.

There are many advantages to using aluminum alloy conductive cross arms in a DC arc furnace.

Due to the light weight of the aluminum alloy arm, the speed and control performance of the electrode lifting and lowering are further improved.

Since the vibration attenuation can improve the stability of the arc and increase the arc power, this is the reason for choosing the aluminum alloy arm.

Features & Composition

Composition of EAF Electrode Arms:

It consists of electrode spray ring, electrode hoop, electrode chuck, electrode soot blowing device, electrode clamping system, cross arm body, water inlet pipe, return water pipe, oil inlet pipe, metal hose, and water-cooled cable connection plate.


EAF Electrode Arms are an important part of electric furnaces.

A good conductive cross arm should have the advantages of excellent electrical conductivity, good processability, long service life of each component, and convenient inspection and replacement of wearing parts.

The electrode arm cancels the conductive copper tube structure, so that the transverse arm can be used as both a supporting part and a conductive part, which simplifies the short net structure.

Symmetrical arrangement. The spacing should be as small as possible under the allowable conditions, which can reduce the size of the furnace structure,

but the convenience of installation and adjustment of the column guide wheel must also be considered, so the size cannot be made too small.

Advantages of Using Conductive Cross Arms:

Can improve production efficiency;

Improve impedance and reactance indicators;

Reduced refractory consumption;

The rigidity of the electrode cross arm is large, and the electrode can be adjusted quickly without causing large system vibration;

The electrode cross arm is effectively cooled and insulated;

EAF Electrode Arms


The electrode arm of the electric arc furnace is generally a rectangular body whose height is greater than its width, and most of them are water-cooled as a whole with inner and outer interlayers.

In the early stage of the invention of the conductive cross-arm, the inner and outer shapes of the hollow interlayer water-cooled conductive cross-arm were designed to be rectangular.

Due to the existence of welds, water leakage often occurs under high temperature and strong water pressure, and under the action of frequent up and down irregular movements and vibrations.

Once internal water leaks occur, it is not only difficult to find the leaking point, but also very difficult to find and repair the leaking point.

Moreover, there is a magnetic field inside the cross arm, which also causes the seal of the electrode clamping cylinder installed inside the cross arm to be easily damaged due to overheating due to the presence of eddy currents on site.

Later, the material was changed to solve the problems of oil leakage and eddy current phenomenon, which not only greatly improved the service life, but also reduced the amount of maintenance.


The outer layer of the electrode arm of the electric arc furnace is copper plate, and the inner layer is steel plate.

The copper plate on the outside is used to conduct electricity, and the steel plate on the inside is used as the support arm.

Replacing the conductive copper tube with a copper plate can greatly increase the conductive area, greatly reduce the reactance and resistance value, and increase the power to a certain extent.

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