Induction Furnace Rolling Mill

Induction Furnace Rolling Mill

Induction Furnace Rolling Mill for Rebar continuous casting and rolling production line.

Rebar continuous casting and rolling production line raw material: scrap steel.

Induction Furnace Rolling Mill for production rebar line: 4 sets of 5t induction furnaces are used to melt raw material scrap steel into molten steel, and the output reaches 280t-300t/shift. (Intermediate frequency furnace specification 1.02 coil, input voltage 1000v; transformer 3150v to 1000v)

The melted molten steel by induction furnace is transported to the tundish car of the continuous casting machine through the ladle, and then the molten steel is poured, and the 70mm-120mm square billet is produced through the vibration mechanism, tension leveler, guide roller, adjustment roller, hydraulic shear, etc., and the continuous casting.

The casting speed of the machine is 1.5-2.5m/min (the continuous casting machine specification is 6m arc, one machine is first-class)

The drawn steel billet is transported to the 430 three-roll billet mill by the conveying roller table and rolled back and forth for 7 passes (the motor of the 430 rolling mills is AC 800kw; the line speed of the rolling mill is 3m/s)

The rolled piece is transported to the 8 stands of the finishing rolling unit through the conveying roller table for continuous rolling, and the qualified finished product is passed through the flying shears and stepped into the cooling bed.

The rolled pieces are cooled in a step-by-step cooling bed and cut to length in groups, and the rolled pieces with cut lengths are packed and put into storage manually by packing and moving steel. Finish rolling K1 line speed 10-12m/s.

(6 stands of 300 rolling mills and 2 stands of 280 rolling mills in the finishing rolling unit, one motor of AC 450kw, one of AC 400kw, one of DC 500kw, one of DC 630kw).

The induction Furnace Rolling Mill for the production rebar line Finished φ12-φ18 rebar, φ10-φ18 round steel; rolling production line capacity 320t/shift.

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