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Induction furnace power calculation formula ( Induction Furnaces )

Induction furnace power calculation

P=(C×T×G) ÷ (0.24×S×η)

Induction Furnace Notes:

C = Specific heat of material (kcal/kg°C)

G = workpiece weight (kg)

T=heating temperature (℃)

t = time (S)

η = heating efficiency (0.6)


Induction furnaces are divided into two types:

Induction melting furnaces

Induction heating equipment.

The melting furnace is used for smelting or heat preservation of materials, and the furnace materials are finally in a liquid state; the heating equipment is used for heating materials, including overall uniform heating, surface heating or local heating of materials.

(1) Electromagnetic induction heating.

(2) There is a certain intensity of electromagnetic stirring in the molten pool.

(3) The specific surface area of the molten pool is small.

(4) The input power is easy to adjust.

(5) The same power supply can supply power to several furnace bases with different capacities (but not at the same time), so in terms of smelting capacity, induction furnaces are more flexible than electric arc furnaces.

(6) High thermal efficiency.

(7) Less smoke and dust, less pollution to the environment.

(8) The refractory material consumption is higher than that of the electric arc furnace, and the life of the crucible is short.


Principle of induction furnace

In an induction furnace, there is an induction coil that creates an alternating magnetic field when an alternating current is passed through it. Place the metal charge that needs to be heated and smelted in an alternating magnetic field, and through electromagnetic induction, an electric current is generated in the metal charge. Due to the resistance of the metal charge, the metal charge will be heated when the current passes through it. The induction furnace mainly uses this heat to heat and melt the metal charge.

Therefore, the two basic conditions for induction heating are:

1.Use alternating current;

2.The object to be heated must be a metal material.

In the metal smelting industry, the hot-selling induction furnaces include induction heating furnaces, intermediate frequency induction furnaces, vacuum induction furnaces, and induction diathermy furnaces.

Different furnaces have different power, so the induction furnace power calculation is also different. But the above calculation formula can basically be regarded as a general series. The details need to be further confirmed and calculated according to the furnace type and power.

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