Induction Furnace Spare Parts

Induction furnace spare parts

Induction furnace spare parts are mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor bank, melting furnace body (steel shell furnace, aluminum shell furnace), water cooling cable, hydraulic station, tilting furnace control box, etc.

Induction furnace is mainly used for smelting steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and alloys. It has the characteristics of high melting efficiency, good power-saving effect, uniform metal composition, less burning loss, fast temperature rise, and easy temperature control. It is suitable for various metal smelting occasions.

Induction furnaces are divided into aluminum shell furnaces and steel shell furnaces according to the type of furnace body.

The aluminum shell induction furnace is a traditional furnace body. It adopts a thick aluminum alloy shell and is equipped with a reducer to pour molten iron. It is cheap and suitable for small furnaces of 0.5 tons and below.

The shell of the steel shell induction furnace is made of thickened steel structure, and a magnetic yoke is added to shield the leakage of the magnetic field. The hydraulic tilting furnace is used, which is safe and reliable and is suitable for large furnaces of 1T and above.

The anti-arc design of the yoke, that is, the inner surface of the yoke in the steel shell electric furnace (that is, the surface facing the induction coil) is processed into an arc shape, and its curvature matches the arc of the coil.

Therefore, after the electric furnace is assembled, the overlapping part of the yoke and the coil accounts for 60-65% of the circumferential length of the coil, which provides firm support for the induction coil.

The coil sub-collector is equipped with temperature, pressure difference, flow, and other detection sensors to monitor the water pressure, water temperature, etc. of the cooling water in and out of the coil to protect the cooling water system.

When the cooling water is over-temperature or the water pressure is too low, it will sound and light alarm, and cut off the main power supply. Each outlet pipe of the induction coil is equipped with a thermocouple, and the temperature of the cooling water at each outlet is displayed by a digital temperature inspection instrument.

Induction furnace power supply accessories include the following spare parts:

Furnace change switch
Current Transformer
Heating capacitor
Steel row
SCR water jacket
oxygen tube

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