Electric Heating Capacitors in Induction Furnaces

Electric Heating Capacitors

There are many components in the induction furnace that play different roles. These components include AC contactors, thyristors, thyristor water jackets, reactors, water-cooled cables, inductor coils, etc. Among them, RFM electric heating capacitors are mainly used in controllable or adjustable AC power systems with a rated voltage of no more than 3.6kV and a frequency of 40 to 24000Hz, which are specially used to improve induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency melting furnace stirring or casting equipment, and similar applications. power factor.

Let us introduce the technical parameters and internal structure of RFM electric heating capacitors.

Main technical parameters of RFM electric heating capacitor:

Capacitance deviation: ±10%, the ratio of the maximum value to the minimum value of each equal group capacitance is not greater than 1.1.

Dielectric loss tangent tanδ (full film dielectric) at rated voltage Un, 20°C:

A.Un≤1kV: tanδ≤0.0015.
B.Un>1kV: tanδ≤0.0012.

  1. Dielectric strength of RFM electric heating capacitor
    The terminal and the shell can withstand 1kV power frequency test voltage for 1min.
  2. The cooling water inlet temperature does not exceed 30°C.
    A. For capacitors with Qn≤1000kvar, water flow rate≥4L/min.
    B. For capacitors with Qn≥1000kvar, the water flow rate≥6L/min.
    The long-term running overvoltage (no more than 4h in 24h) does not exceed 1.1Un.
    Long-term running overcurrent (including harmonic current) does not exceed 1.35In.
  3. For indoor installation, the altitude does not exceed 1000m.

The ambient air temperature in the installation and operation area shall not be higher than 50°C.

There is no severe mechanical vibration, no harmful gas and vapor and no explosive dust in the installation place. RWM and RFM type water-cooled,

  1. The performance of all-film electric heating capacitors conforms to the standards of JB7110-93 “Electric Capacitors” and IEC60110 (1998) “Capacitors for Induction Heating Devices with Frequency 40-24000Hz”.
  2. The structure of RFM electric heating capacitor. The electric heating capacitor is composed of the following main parts.

The polar plates of the components protrude from the medium, and one polar plate is welded to the cooling water pipe, and connected to the grounding stud or grounding piece on the cover through the cooling water pipe, which is the general outlet of the polar plate.

The second pole plate is insulated from the shell, connected with the guide rod by the connecting piece, and drawn out through the porcelain sleeve on the cover.

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