Continuous Casting Machine Process

Continuous Casting Machine Process

Continuous casting machine process is continuous casting.

Continuous casting is an intermediate link connecting steelmaking and steel rolling, an indispensable part of the metallurgical process, and an important part of the steelmaking plant.

Continuous Casting Machine Process

Transport the ladle containing the refined molten steel to the turntable, and pour the molten steel into the tundish after the turntable turns to the pouring position;

The tundish distributes the molten steel to each crystallizer through the nozzle.

The crystallizer is one of the core equipment of the continuous caster, which makes the casting shape and quickly solidifies and crystallizes.

The tension leveler and the crystallization vibration device work together to pull out the casting in the crystallizer, and cut it into a certain length of slab after cooling and electromagnetic stirring.

Continuous Casting Machine Process – Production

Steelmaking furnace;

Mold casting;

Continuous casting;




Blank opening;



Advantages and characteristics of continuous casting machine process:

a. Simplifies the production process, saves the demoulding, whole mold, steel ingot soaking and billet opening process of the mold casting process, saves 40% of infrastructure investment, 30% of floor space, and 40% of operating costs , the consumption of refractory materials can be reduced by 15%;

b. Improve the metal yield, greatly reduce the cutting head and tail loss of the billet, and increase the metal yield by about 9%;

c. Reduce the energy consumption of the production process, which can save the power consumption of the soaking furnace for billet opening, and reduce the energy consumption by 1/4 to 1/2;

d. Improve the mechanization and automation level of the production process.

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